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Hello my Herb Lovers 

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Nutritional Guide & facts about herbs

What Exactly Are Herbs?

The word herb has many definitions, but practically speaking, herbs and plants that are grown for their medicinal, aromatic, and or/ seasoning uses. Most herbs are herbaceous annuals or perennials. Some, such as lavender and rosemary, are small shrubs. 

Different Parts Of Herbs!

Different ways to make herbal teas!

General usage of the term "herbs" differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs, in medical or spiritual use, any parts of the plant might be considered as "herbs" including:
*Root bark
*Inner bark


**steep- short time between 1-5 mins

**Infusion- longer time between 5-10 mins covered 

**Decoctions: Boiling decoctions are more so for roots to help break them down. Cooking time bring to boil then simmer for 20-30 mins cover

Smokable Herbs!

Herbs are usually used oral or topical. How ever we often forget that another way of benefitting from their healing properties is by smoking or steam inhalation. Herbs are smoking to destress, relax or provide a hallucinogenic experience. Some have antipsychotic properties while others can induce an alternate state of mind. Strangely enough, smoking herbs can also help you lose weight.

Most people think of cannabis when they think about smokable herbs but some many herbs can be smoked. Not all herbs will get you high or induce hallucinations, nor will they make you an addict. This means they are perfectly safe and legal to use both at home and in public. It's best to use there mild herbs in a blend with other, stronger herbs. Regardless of their strength, they all provide relaxation.
There are many herbal blend to choose from when it comes to smoking them. If you are serious about them you can lean a how to make your own blends. Have fun with them.


*Blue Lotus
*White sage
*Red Raspberry
*Uva Ursi

Disclaimer: Blessing of Nature's food LLC is not meant to substitute or replace medical care. Please consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment of illnesses. Information provided here is for educational purposes only as we are not doctors.

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