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About me

Food is my passion, it’s something that I love. When i became a chef i wanted to know more and more about food and what it can do to your body and what will help it and harm it. I have been told that I’m some what turning in to a nutritionist because now I look at everything I put in my body as well as my family and friends. The reason why I started Blessing of Nature’s Food is I would see people that I know and love  always sick or something is wrong with them, I know the cleanses that I have done help out a lot and makes me feel great so I thought to myself why hold that in and not share with other. I really started pushing eating healthier and wanting to see others healthy is when i lost my grandma she was my world and I didn’t like how she wasn’t eating the right thing. I would try and help but as we all know our elders thought we younger folks didn’t know what we was talking about. I want to show everybody that you can eat healthy, feel healthy, and look healthy. Everybody always say “but eating healthy is nasty”, its so not I have made healthy delicious meals myself and had some as well. Changing the way I eat and move  throughout life was one of the best things I have done for not only myself but for my family as well. Come join the Blessing of Nature’s Food family and let us help you with you change to getting healthy!



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